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How To Install Adobe Lightroom Presets In The Latest Version of Lightroom CC​

  1. Open the latest version of Adobe Lightroom CC

  2. Navigate to "File" and click "Import Profiles & Presets". Navigate to your downloaded preset files and voila!

Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 5.00.10 PM.png


  1. Click on the "Presets" tab at the bottom of your right navigation bar.

  2. Click the “...” icon on the top right for drop down actions.

  3. Select “Import Presets”.

  4. Navigate to your downloaded preset files and there you go!

Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 5.11.36 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 5.02.31 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 5.01.53 PM.png

Installing Adobe Lightroom Presets on Older Versions of Lightroom

Fortunately, it’s not that much more difficult on the older versions of Lightroom. This same method applies to Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and Lightroom CC 2017, and is also very similar across both Windows and Mac.

  1. Open Adobe Lightroom.

  2. Navigate to Edit > Preferences > Presets

  3. Open the folder named “Lightroom” and navigate to the “Develop Presets” folder.

  4. Copy your downloaded Lightroom presents into the “Develop Presets” folder.

  5. Restart Lightroom.

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